Fund Research

Sadly survival rates for Ewing’s sarcoma patients have not improved significantly for over 30 years so we spend as much money as we can funding research into improving treatment and outcomes for patients.

We work closely with our good friends at the Bone Cancer Research Trust and as soon as we have raised enough money to pay for a research project we ask them to publish a Research Call. This is circulated to all the researchers on their database, as well as the major Ewing’s sarcoma treatment centres here in the UK.

Researchers applying for a grant have their application put through a rigorous evaluation process and those that meet the required high standards set by BCRT’s Independent Scientific Advisory Panel are recommended for funding.

So far, we have authorised grants to the value of c£335,000.

Details of any further grants sanctioned by the charity will be published in the future.

You can read more about our research funding here >>.