What we do

Mission Statement

“We aim to fund desperately needed research into the treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma, offering the promise of a cure for this aggressive, but treatable form of cancer.

In doing this, we hope that less invasive treatments can be developed that will not only improve survival rates that are being achieved, but also cause less side effects, by working to support the best specialists in the world.

Ewing’s sarcoma prognosis is often related to detection and early diagnosis. We recognise that increasing public awareness of this often-undetected cancer is crucial in our fight and want to signpost those affected to appropriate support groups to ensure no-one’s physical, social, emotional or psychological needs are ignored.”


Achieving our goals

We aim to achieve our goals by working closely with our partners to raise awareness of Ewing’s, especially in high-risk groups. We support individuals and groups who want to carry out fundraising activities to raise funds.

We focus on energies on:

1. Fundraising and raising awareness
2. Helping our fundraisers and their supporters and
3. Funding reliable, relevant research into Ewing’s sarcoma