Complaints Policy

Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust Complaints Policy

Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust is committed to the highest standards of best practice, and we aim to conduct our activities in an open and honest manner. If you believe we have not met your expectations, we invite you to tell us so that we can rectify the situation; we value all feedback. By making us aware of any short comings, we will be able to improve our service in future.

This document explains how we will handle your concerns and complaints.

1. How we manage concerns and complaints
All concerns and complaints are taken seriously. They will be handled in strictest confidence and in accordance with procedures set out in this document. A trustee of the charity will be responsible for investigating the matter and responding to you within the timescales stated below.

However, if a concern or complaint is made against a named trustee or one or more trustees, the named trustee(s) will not investigate the matter; another trustee will take responsibility for investigating and responding to the concern or complaint.

It is our policy to ensure that the trustees receive an anonymous summary of all formal complaints.

2. Complaints procedure
There are two ways that you can register your complaint with the charity:
• In writing to Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust, 7 Goldfinch Close, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 6XW
• By email to

Please ensure the correspondence is marked ‘Private and Confidential’.

If you would like someone to raise a complaint on your behalf, please provide us with your written consent and specify the party authorised to act upon your behalf. This will allow us to discuss the matter with your appointed person.

3. How complaints help develop our service
It is our policy to ensure that our charity reflects on and learns from all complaints received, therefore we undertake the following:
• complaints will form a regular agenda item for trustees’ meetings.
• the trustee who dealt with the complaint will identify the underlying cause(s).

• actions necessary to address the cause(s) of the complaint will be discussed by trustees and remedial action agreed; this action will be implemented at the earliest opportunity.

• any remedial action, and the outcomes of the investigation into your complaint, will be communicated to you; and

• all trustees will be given a copy of this procedure when they join the charity.

4. Stages of complaint procedure
A. Informal
As a first step, you may wish to discuss your concerns informally to see if the situation can be resolved quickly, effectively, and amicably. As soon as reasonably practicable after you bring to our attention a concern or complaint about any aspect of our service, we will try our best to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

However, if you wish, it is your right to register a formal complaint at any time.

B. Formal
A formal complaint is any concern that has been submitted in writing which requires a formal response. If you wish to register a formal complaint, we aim to acknowledge receipt of it within 5 working days (we currently operate between the hours of 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding public holidays). The name of the trustee taking responsibility for handling the complaint will be communicated to you.

After acknowledging your complaint, the trustee handling the complaint will carry out a thorough investigation and subsequently respond with their conclusions.

If the investigation cannot be concluded within 28 working days of our acknowledgement, we will update you on our progress on a bi-weekly basis (or some other interval agreed by both parties).

C. Right of Appeal
If the response to your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you have the right to appeal directly to the Board of Trustees.

Only Board members who did not investigate the complaint and who were not named in the complaint will consider the matter and respond to your appeal within 28 working days of our receiving your appeal.

Appeals must be in writing and mailed to The Board of Trustees, Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust, 7 Goldfinch Close, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 6XW. Please ensure the correspondence is marked ‘Private and Confidential’.

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