Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust Fundraising terms and conditions

In these terms and conditions:

a. “We”, “us” or “ESRT” means Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust.

b. “You” or “fundraisers” means you, acting in your capacity as an individual volunteer fundraising in aid of Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust.

Thank you for your interest in raising much needed funds for ESRT. We take the raising and use of funds seriously, and are totally committed to passionate, fair fundraising and ensuring that funds raised by fundraisers are put to the best possible use in funding research. We’re heavily indebted to you, and fundraisers like you, for committing to raise funds for us.

To make sure that funds can be put to good use efficiently and effectively, we have a number of terms and conditions for fundraisers. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they apply to all voluntary fundraising activity in aid of ESRT and you are therefore required to comply with them:

1. You agree to organise fundraising activities as an independent supporter of ESRT. We also run our own, ESRT-run events. But to make sure that the public at large are aware of the nature of your relationship with ESRT, you should always refer to raising money “in aid of” ESRT, rather than on ESRT’s behalf.

2. Fundraisers often reach out to us for advice or guidance before undertaking fundraising activity, and we are often able to help by providing useful information or signposting you to relevant guidance. You agree that you shall comply with any guidance provided by ESRT relating to fundraising together with any applicable code of practice or guidance issued by the Charity Commission or the Fundraising Regulator from time to time.

3. You will be responsible for any costs, taxes or expenses incurred or arising in connection with your fundraising activity.

4. If you are holding an event at a hired venue, you agree to follow the instructions and advice of venue staff and/or any equipment manufacturers or operators.

5. Prior to conducting an event, you agree to consider potential risks and control those risks in relation to you, helpers or guests. Helpful guidance on completing risk assessments can be found on the Health & Safety Executive website.

6. You accept that any risks arising out of your fundraising activity are your responsibility, including liability for any damage, injury or loss which may occur to you, your helpers or guests or to the owner or manager of any premises where your activity takes place. You will therefore take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of all those participating in, involved with or attending your activity.

7. You will comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to your fundraising activity, including obtaining any necessary licenses, consents or permissions e.g. if you are holding a raffle or lottery, or are proposing to sell alcohol. Further information about holding a raffle or lottery can be found on the Gambling Commission’s website.

8. ESRT cannot take responsibility for the events organised by all our various fundraisers – we are proud that so many individuals fundraise for us, but we cannot possibly keep track of every event or activity organised to raise funds for us. You therefore acknowledge and accept that any insurance policy held by ESRT will not cover your fundraising activities.

9. Public collections (which take place in a public place) are regulated and must be licensed by the local authority or, in Greater London, the Metropolitan Police. You agree to contact the relevant authority before conducting any public collection and obtain the relevant consents and licences, as well as confirm any insurance requirements needed by that authority.

10. Private collections (i.e. on privately-owned land) do not require local authority permission. If you are arranging static box collections, the boxes must be secure and tamper-proof. You agree to obtain the permission of the owner or manager of the premises prior to conducting any private collection. But you agree not to carry out any door-to-door collections (whether or not you have obtained the relevant consents or licences) in aid of ESRT.

11. Charities like ESRT are heavily reliant upon the trust placed in us by the public. You will not do anything that threatens ESRT’s assets, reputation or name. If you do, ESRT has the right to require you to stop your fundraising activity immediately (and you will comply with any such requirement) and we may take any further actions necessary to protect its assets, reputation or name, including reporting your activity to the relevant authorities.

12. You will hold on trust for ESRT all of the proceeds raised by your fundraising event and therefore agree to safeguard all such proceeds and pay them to ESRT as soon as possible after the event (and subject to any agreed timescale), and in accordance with ESRT’s instructions. You may not deduct any costs or donations unless expressly agreed in writing with ESRT.

13. Unless ESRT has provided you with branded materials, you may only use the ESRT name and logo for your fundraising activities with our written permission and in accordance with any branding guidelines issued by us to you. To apply for permission, you will need to let us know how you propose to use the ESRT name and/or logo on your own materials by emailing, and provide us with examples and/or samples of such use if we request it. In particular, it must be clear to members of the public that you are fundraising in aid of ESRT rather than on our behalf.

14. You shall encourage donors and/or sponsors to make valid Gift Aid declarations where eligible, which may enable us to recover basic rate tax on donations.

15. It is important that donors and sponsors only authorise us to claim Gift Aid if they are UK taxpayers and they making a qualifying donation. If a donor or sponsor authorises us (or any of our collection agencies) to claim Gift Aid on his/her donation but this sum is later clawed back by HMRC (e.g. because he/she had paid insufficient tax or the payment made was not a qualifying donation), you agree we may recover this sum from the donor or sponsor or from you (at our discretion). Further information about the Gift Aid scheme can be found on the HMRC website ( (

16 Personal data is protected under English law, and if you collect or otherwise process personal data in connection with your fundraising activity, you must take caution to ensure you comply with data protection laws. You agree to ensure any electronic or paper record you keep about people involved with your activity, whether as a helper, guest, donor, sponsor or otherwise, complies with the Data Protection Act 2018, as amended or re-enacted, and the UK General Data Protection Regulation. For details on how to comply, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website (

17. We like to share photos of events to show what a great job our fundraisers do. If you provide photographs or videos taken during your fundraising activity to ESRT, you agree that these may be used by ESRT for commercial, marketing and/or fundraising purposes.

18. ESRT is also bound by certain laws and regulations relating to data protection and privacy. By sending photographs or videos to us, you are also confirming that anyone featuring prominently in the photograph or video is aged 16 or over, and that they have consented to their image being used in this way.

19. You agree that ESRT can use details provided by you via email, phone, social media or JustGiving to discuss your fundraising activity with you and follow up on your progress.

20. From time to time the Charity Commission, HMRC, the Fundraising Regulator or other authorities may contact charities to enquire about regulatory matters (e.g. fundraising). If we are contacted, you agree to provide us with such assistance as we might reasonably require from you in relation to your fundraising activities.

21. We may amend these terms and conditions at any time for any reason (e.g. to comply with any changes in the law or regulations relating to fundraising) by publishing amended terms and conditions on our website or notifying you that we have made any such amendments.

22. By fundraising in aid of ESRT, you confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you are under 18, you further confirm that you have shown these terms and conditions to your parent/guardian, and they have agreed to accept responsibility for ensuring your compliance with these terms and conditions.

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