Ewing’s Information

We aim to provide information about Ewing’s sarcoma so you can find reliable information about the condition. The internet is a vast resource, and we share the concerns of other charities that patients and families find unreliable and misleading information that has been posted by unknown sources.

Therefore we’ve compiled information from personal experiences of treatment, and scientifically reliable sources, to ensure you find reliable information about:

This information is contained on separate pages because some people won’t want to see some information, and others might.

It’s really important that patients and families remember statistics are not specific to patients, and that each and every Ewing’s sarcoma patient is unique, with their own individual circumstances.

Statistics only ever tell part of the story.

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The Information Standard

Since 2013 we have maintained The Information Standard certification, which is now administered by NHS England.

By committing to this standard, we can demonstrate our commitment to producing trustworthy health care information, and the robustness of the information production process.

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We commit to produce high-quality, reliable medical information.

We welcome feedback on the information that we produce, so if you wish to let us have your views please send your comments to us at: trustees@ewingssarcomart.onmicrosoft.com