Ewing’s Information

scientifically reliable sources

We aim to provide reliable information about Ewing’s sarcoma.

The internet is a vast resource and we share the concerns of other charities that patients and families may find unreliable and misleading information that has been posted by unknown sources. Therefore, we’ve compiled the information below from scientifically reliable sources and it has been vetted by medical professionals.

What it is & what causes it?

Ewing’s sarcoma is a type of primary bone cancer. As the causes of Ewing’s sarcoma are not fully understood, we don’t know how to prevent it from happening.


Symptoms & what to look for

The most common symptoms of Ewing’s sarcoma are pain and swelling at the tumour site. These symptoms are often attributed to other causes such as injuries.


Diagnosis & treatment

Together with scans and biopsy results, the MDT will determine whether a patient has Ewing’s sarcoma or not.


Further info & support

Since we started our charity, we have sought to maximise the contribution we can make by working in collaboration with like-minded people and groups who share our goals.


This information was last published in January 2022 and it will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains accurate.
ESRT is committed to producing reliable medical information. If you would like to know about the sources used in the production of this information, or wish. to feedback any comments, please email trustees@ewingssarcomart.onmicrosoft.com