Thank you so much for fundraising for our charity.

This guide is aimed at fundraisers who wish to arrange an event or participate in an organised event (e.g., the London marathon). We have kept our guide simple and to the point.

We will do everything we can to support you, but we are unable to assist you in organising your own event.

Please read our Fundraising Terms & Conditions and if you have any queries about these, do not hesitate to contact us at

For Groups

For Individuals

So, this is the ideas time. Many fundraisers choose to participate in an organised event and leave all the administration to a third party with previous experience and expertise. But organising something relatively simple, like a coffee morning is not too challenging or involved. If you want to organise your own event, decide what you would like to do and think about the expertise you have and don’t be afraid to ask others to help you, people are often very happy to help. If you are thinking of taking part in an event, first check out the registration requirements and details of the challenge, so that you are happy to take part.

Once you have decided what fundraising event, you want to do, send an email to the charity at detailing your plans. We will reply to let you know how we can help.

This might include:

  1. Advice on setting up a fundraising page at JustGiving
  2. Preparing sponsorship forms for use by supporters who prefer to donate off-line in a more traditional way.
  3. Providing branded merchandise for sale at your event.
  4. Offering guidance to assist you ensure your fundraising is a success.

If you plan to hold your own event you need to plan it well. Maybe ask family and friends to help to ensure you identify all tasks and the correct sequence for completion of these. For example, We’ve, learnt that it’s best to provisionally book a venue before booking, a DJ!

When booking a venue, the hirer might insist upon you providing Public Liability Insurance, so this is a consideration and additional overhead. Also, the hirer could insist upon you ensuring that a DJ’s equipment has been properly PAT tested. These are responsibilities that organisers must be aware of. So, if you’re planning to organise your own event remember potential up-front costs that will affect the amount of money raised.

There are specific rules regarding raffles and the licencing of these and you will need to refer to The Gambling Commission .

Organising your own event can be complicated, but you need not be put off as many of our fundraisers have successfully organised such events that have been a great success.

Perhaps before you commit to organising your own event it would be best to talk it through with someone with more experience.

Taking part in an organised event is straightforward and usually all you must do is to register. However, before you do, make sure you have the ability to participate in the event. It is important to ensure that you will be fit enough and will have completed suitable training. Organisers are very good at offering registered participants with sound advice. And, of course, if you have some concerns talk to the organisers.

A precautionary issue – some events are organised purely for the benefit of a single charity; so, do check this to ensure that you will be able to fundraise for our charity.

There may also be a registration fee that the charity will need to cover, so check out the details and seek our agreement prior to registration in such circumstances.

Donate to Ewings Sarcoma Research Trust using JustGivingOur charity is registered with JustGiving and this is a great way to fundraise as they take away much of the administration from you and the charity. You can find more information at:  and when you set up your page you can link it to our charity.

When setting up your page always say why you’re fundraising and choose words that will motivate potential supporters to sponsor you with donations. Donors can sponsor you by credit/debit card and where appropriate they can pledge Gift Aid, which results in their donation being increased by 25p in the £.

All donations and Gift Aid pledges are processed by JustGiving and paid directly to the charity’s bank account. Individual donations will also appear on your fundraising page, which will appear anonymously if the donor so wishes.

The charity will also provide sponsorship forms for use by supporters who prefer to donate off-line in a more traditional way; this will accommodate Gift Aid pledges too. We also have an electronic poster for you to add your details and to help you promote the event through social media, one for Groups and another for Individuals and these can be found at the top right-hand corner of this page.

If practical, we shall also promote your event on our website.

Now this should be the easy bit and most enjoyable provided you have prepared properly – ENJOY.

If you’ve used Gift Aid sponsorship forms or collected donations through other means (e.g., a raffle) you will need to collate any forms and arrange for money to be passed to the charity. If there is a HSBC branch in your locality money can be paid directly into our account; we shall provide our bank details upon request.

Alternatively, you might wish to issue a cheque payable to the charity and mail it to us at 7 Goldfinch Close, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 6XW. Please ensure that you return any sponsorship forms too so that we can claim Gift Aid pledges from HMRC.

And finally, do thank everyone who has supported your fundraising effort.

So that’s it, straightforward yes? Our charity will do all that we can to help you to make your event as successful as possible. We will offer practical advice where appropriate, but we can accept no liability for any claims that might arise from your activities.

If you need further guidance contact us at:

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