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Creating a charity that focussed on funding research into Ewing’s sarcoma was Matt Short’s desire.

Matt was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in November 2007 and following six cycles of chemotherapy he had a below-knee amputation of his right leg in March 2008. Eight more cycles of chemotherapy followed, before he was discharged from the care of University College Hospital London.

Matt was free of the cancer for two years, then whilst at university he suffered a relapse when the disease was found on his lung. He underwent further surgery followed by further intensive chemotherapy.

Ewing’s Sarcoma - Patients Story - Matt

Whilst he was being treated, Matt had time to reflect on his life and after asking himself some tough questions about his future, he decided that he wanted to do something positive to tackle Ewing’s. So, in February 2011, Matt asked the opinions of his doctors, contacts from other charities, close friends and family, and then founded the Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust, with friends and family joining him to form a Board of Trustees and to start fundraising to pay for badly needed research..

Why we created the charity?

We set up the charity because we wanted to increase the amount of money for research into Ewing’s sarcoma. We believe that there are potentially great advances to me made in the diagnosis and treatment of Ewing’s and, in the midst of a recession at the time, we wanted to help people fund research into this comparative rare cancer.

Also, we recognised that Ewing’s sarcoma isn’t something that features in the public awareness. We believe that our children are our future and yet many teenagers – one high risk group – have never heard of the disease. While we want to raise as much money as possible to pay for reliable, useful research into Ewing’s, we feel that by helping people to raise money, they are, at the same time, helping to raise public awareness of this horrible cancer.

Help along our way

We, like many others, found that starting a charity is hard yet rewarding work. We want to thank the many people and organisations who encouraged, assisted and guided us along our way.

We are indebted to our wonderful fundraisers and to their supporters who have raised so much money to support our goals.

Our Trustees?

We are fortunate to have a team of Trustees who come from a range of backgrounds and have many life experiences. We all share Matt’s desire to find a cure for Ewing’s.

Our current Trustees are;

  • Matt Short
  • Nigel Short (Chair)
  • Elaine Phillips
  • Colin Short
  • Louise Twist
  • Martin Waite

We also want to thank all of our previous Trustees who helped run our charity and devoted so much of their personal time and effort to our cause.

Each of our Trustees has written a short piece about themselves and you can read these on, visit our Trustee page.

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