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Since we started our charity, we have sought to maximise the contribution we can make to creating a world without Ewing’s Sarcoma, by working in collaboration with like-minded people and groups who share our goals.

Ewing’s Sarcoma blights the lives of teenagers around the world and so, we have forged a close association with the EuroEwing Consortium which runs international clinical trials to improve survival from Ewing Sarcoma. Since December 2019 we have been a major funder of the administration of the consortium. Home – Euro Ewing Consortium | UCL Cancer Institute – UCL –University College London

We have a longstanding relationship with the Bone Cancer Research Trust and, with them, have funded or co-funded Ewing’s research projects. Home | Bone Cancer Research Trust (

We have also formed a constructive relationship with Sarcoma UK.

The researchers that we fund are important to us and we are fortunate to have developed a strong working relationship with the Children’s Cancer Research UK team at St James’s University Hospital Leeds lead by their Scientific Director, Professor Sue Burchill. The donations of our supporters have funded the ongoing work of the team since 2013.

Building on our relationship with St James’s University Hospital, we are currently funding a PhD project to assess the efficacy of oncolytic viruses against Ewing sarcoma.
The research collaborations we have formed are only possible because of the wonderful and generous work of individuals and groups of fundraisers. We are forever thankful to them and are committed to do what we can to help them.

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