What Ewings Sarcoma Research Trust Does

Our Mission Statement

“We aim to fund desperately needed research into treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma, offering the promise of a cure for this aggressive, but eminently treatable, cancer. In doing this, we strive to find less invasive treatments that will nevertheless result in the same excellent survival rates that can be achieved, by working alongside the best specialists in the world.

Survival is often related to detection and early diagnosis. We also aim to increase public awareness of this often undetected cancer, and to provide links to advice and support for affected parties to ensure no-one’s physical, social, emotional and psychological needs are ignored.”

Achieving our goals

We aim to achieve our goals by raising awareness in high-risk groups, and mobilising these groups to raise funds and spread the word. We also undertake fundraising activities to raise funds, and encourage others to get involved too.

Fundraising Ideas

To find out more about how to raise money for the Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust, click here.


Part of treating many forms of cancer is diagnosing it early. To see how we aim to increase early Ewing’s Sarcoma diagnosis, click here.


Teenagers and young people are some of the most active fundraisers in Britain. We want to unite this group to save the lives of fellow teenagers.