Fun ideas

Here are some fun ways of raising money easily!

Fun Ideas

  1. Bucket Collections
  2. Dress down Friday (at school or work)
  3. Shaving/waxing body hair
  4. Head shaving
  5. Car washing
  6. Mowing lawns
  7. Selling home made items
  8. Sponsored reads
  9. Bad hair days
  10. Pyjama days
  11. Sponsored silences
  12. Car boot sales/bring and buy
  13. Coffee mornings
  14. Swear boxes
  15. Giving something up
  16. Attempting a world record
  17. Sponsored juggling/keepy uppys
  18. Donate an hour or day’s salary
  19. Give up facebook/texts for a day
  20. Donate clothing
  21. Donate old mobile phones
  22. Sponsored space hopper race
  23. Wear blue day

Whatever you decide works for you, don’t forget to check out our useful fundraising tips!