Get Involved

We at Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust are always looking for volunteers and people who want to raise funds for researching Ewing’s Sarcoma.

We’ve put together the following pages so you can decide how best to get involved, and what ways would suit you depending upon the time you can dedicate, the amount of effort you can put in (to either organisation or the actual activity!), and how daring you’re willing to be!

Action Groups

We’re currently looking for young people across the country to get involved as volunteer fundraisers, by setting up their own action group. This is ideal for young people at school, college or university, and is an excellent way to boost your CV!

If this appeals to you and you want to know more, click here!


If running, or being involved with an action group is too intense for you, why not fundraise instead?! Volunteering to organise an event or activity to raise money for charity is incredibly rewarding.

To help any budding fundraisers out, we’ve compiled a list of wild and wacky ways to raise money, as well as some more sensible ones! Why not check out a few here.


Volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean raising money. Raising awareness of Ewing’s Sarcoma is just as important, and supporting those raising funds as well.

Find out more here.