About Ewings Sarcoma Research Trust

Who set up the charity?

The Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust was Matt Short’s idea.

Following his diagnosis with Ewing’s sarcoma in November 2007, Matt underwent fourteen cycles of chemotherapy and a below-knee amputation of his right leg in March 2008. After two years of disease-free life, Matt suffered a relapse and has undergone further intensive chemotherapy and surgery, this time to his lung.

After a time of reflection, and posing tough questions about the future, he decided he needed to do something positive to tackle this disease. So in February 2011, Matt raised the idea with his doctors, other charities and close friends, resulting in the formation a Board of Trustees “volunteering” to make Matt’s idea and vision a reality.

Why was it created?

The charity was set up to address a perceived lack of funding for research into Ewing’s sarcoma. In part due to the recession, and partly because of its comparative rarity , funding for research into Ewing’s sarcoma has become more scarce in recent years, despite the potential for great advances to be made.

To compound the lack of research, Ewing’s sarcoma isn’t something that features in the public awareness. Many teenagers – one high risk group – will have never heard of the disease. While we aim to raise as much money as possible with a view to funding reliable, useful research into this form of cancer, we recognise that raising public awareness is just as important as funding research.

To find out more about “Our Mission”, click here.

Who are our Trustees?

Our Trustees come from a range of backgrounds, but all share Matt’s desire to end Ewing’s.

Our Trustees are;

  • Nigel Short (Chair)
  • Chris Humphrey
  • Colin Short
  • Elaine Phillips
  • Louise Twist
  • Matt Short
  • Nicola Maxwell

To find out more about why our Trustees are involved, visit our Trustee page.

Help along the way

Many charities find it hard when starting up – and we were no different. We owe a large part of every penny we’ve raised to the fantastic support we’ve received from individuals and organisations in setting up this charity. To find out more about each organisation and the people involved, please click here.