1st February 2024 (Update)

After careful consideration our Trustees have now chosen one of the short-listed charities to benefit from our charity's legacy funds when we close. We shall now draft a suitable Deed of Grant for negotiation, and agreement, with the chosen charity.

Anyone wishing to support our work can do so through a Special Fund with the BCRT - https://www.bcrt.org.uk/esrtlegacy. All monies donated, or raised through fundraising, will be restricted to funding further Ewing's research.

A further update will be published in due course.

5th September 2023 (Update)

Our Trustees have now selected two charities that have objects and goals similar to those of our own. We are now meeting with senior representatives of those charities to help us assess and verify their suitability to benefit from our charity's legacy funds.

A further update will be published when the selection process is complete and the terms of the legacy has been agreed between our charity and the charity chosen to receive our legacy funds.

3rd April 2023 - Our Trustees have reluctantly decided to wind up and close the charity.

When we formed the charity in 2011 our prime goal was to improve the treatment of Ewing's sarcoma and patient outcomes. At that time research was very limited, so we were delighted to make our first research grant in 2013, a joint initiative with the Bone Cancer Research Trust ('BCRT'). This grant funded research by Professor Sue Burchill at Children's Cancer Research Group at Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine and we have continued to support Professor Burchill's research since that time.

The National Ewing's Multi-Disciplinary Team was a unique national forum which existed to improve the treatment of patients with Ewing's. The NEMDT did not have access to the necessary funding to support its development and increase its effectiveness, so our charity funded this initiative. This had a very positive impact in improving the management and treatment of patients with Ewing's in the UK.

Following BREXIT the European Union withdrew its funding of the UK led EURO EWING Consortium, so again our charity stepped in to provide funding to ensure the continuity of this organisation, further growth and increased collaboration. This financial support continues to this day.

And in recent years we have collaborated with our friends at BCRT and co-funded various other Ewing's research projects.

We are very proud of these achievements, which would not have been possible without the wonderful generosity of our supporters who have donated money or participated in fundraising activities.

However, in a recent review of our ambitions and capabilities we have come to the conclusion that there are larger charities that are in a much better position to take forward the quest to improve treatment outcomes and survival rates for Ewing's patients.

Therefore, given our limited resources we reluctantly decided to close the charity, but rest assured the remaining funds in our trust will be passed on to another organisation that we believe is best placed to carry forward our mission.

Whilst we are now closing our charity's funding streams, we are aware that some supporters may wish to continue to support our work, so we have opened a Special Fund with the BCRT https://www.bcrt.org.uk/esrtlegacy. All monies donated, or raised through fundraising activities, will be restricted for use solely to fund further research into Ewing's.

And for anyone wanting more information about Ewing's sarcoma, or in need of support, we recommend that you contact either: https://www.bcrt.org.uk, or https://sarcoma.org.uk

We will publish updates on our closure when appropriate, but should anyone have any questions on this matter, please email trustees@ewingssarcomart.onmicrosoft.com.

For and on behalf of the Trustees.